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Start the health equity discussion in your organization.

  • Find blind spots. Seek to understand and learn more about what team members can’t see, even though this is hard and can make staff feel vulnerable.

  • Value health equity in all interactions.

  • Health equity is continuous, and not the result of one training or one conference.

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Our WHY?

Our families cannot do it alone.

Thousands of families of color today are struggling with wellness challenges as they strive and work hard to just to make it and handle all of the barriers that are systematically placed upon them.

We are exhausted by the continuous effort, and deep down, are in need of a mental and social wellness boost to surmount these challenges. But the truth is, we can't solve life's problems on the same consciousness level that created them, we need support and training to help you realize your full potential.

As black nurses we understand both sides of the coin. We understand the socioeconomical struggle, as well as the inner workings of the healthcare system.

Families often times trust us (Nursing has been the most trusted profession 20 years in a row) and we are here to serve as a face that you know, like, and trust.

From supporting mothers give birth, guiding families through a death/dying process, WE ARE HERE.

Health equity is an important consideration that should be taken into account across all levels of care

Health equity is an important consideration that should be taken into account across all levels of care. Health equity is the idea that all people should have equal access to healthcare. In other words, everyone deserves quality healthcare, regardless of their socioeconomic status or race/ethnicity.

Health inequities are especially harmful to communities of color who suffer from poorer health outcomes than white Americans

  • However, a variety of factors contribute to these disparities

  • For example, there are differences in access to care and quality treatment options between communities due to racial segregation.

  • Additionally, studies have shown that black children are 2x more likely than white children to experience asthma attacks due to higher rates of exposure to air pollution; these attacks often result in hospital visits for black children compared with fewer hospital visits among white children with asthma.

  • In addition, since minority groups tend not only live closer together but also work closer together than whites do (due out-migration), they’re exposed more frequently since less physical distance separates them from sources like cars on busy streets where emissions are highest such as those found along major freeways and highways."

Health disparities matter because they affect a vast number of people. This is why "The Color of Wellness" Media was born. We learned tough lessons during the height of the pandemic, that Black Americans suffered and died three times the rate of any other race.

Immediately we felt the pressure to do our part. Through health education, a few black nurses came together to help with community education when the call for authors was put out.

I am so grateful that they saw the vision of decreasing knowledge deficits. Our mission is to become the primary resource for relatable, trusted, and actionable health education for black families across the globe.


Michelle Greene Rhodes, is a 10 time Award-winning Nurse, International Speaker, Healthcare Writer, 8 x Author and Executive Coach.

Michelle is the CEO of Michelle Rhodes Media LLC, and Founder of The Color of Wellness Magazine and Creator of RNterprise Academy “the enterprise of online learning for women in business”.

Known for making wellness a motivational thing, Black Women turn to her for energetic ways to motivate and engage communities, innovative thinking, and the ability to move populations toward positive change in business, leadership, and wellness.

She serves as an Opinion Columnist at CEO World Magazine, and has been featured on Medium, Blavity, and serves the Editor in Chief at “The Color of Wellness” Magazine.

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